Christopher Mason


I am a creative individual with over 18 years of professional web development experience, with a lifelong interest in using technology to make life better for myself and others. 

I am currently looking for an opportunity to play a big part in a small company, where I can use my skills and experience to build custom software that really helps people.


» 12 years Javascript
» 10 years PHP + MySQL
» 18 years HTML, CSS
» 18 years Photoshop

Art Institutes International, MN
Associates of Applied Science
Multimedia Program, 2001

Tech Skills

» React, Angular, NodeJS
» Modern Javascript (ES2018+), Typescript
» AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase
» Serverless Architecture, Cloud Services
» Parcel, Rollup, Webpack, Babel, SystemJS
» Jest, Mocha, Cypress, Karma, Jasmine
» CI/CD, GitLab, Concourse, Jenkins
» Backend REST API development
» UI, UX, application design
» Git, SVN version control
» CSS, Less, Sass, Scss

Personal Skills

» Organized + focused = efficient
» Communicates professionally
» Works very well with clients
» Prefers fast paced projects
» Effective leader and mentor
» Natural problem solver
» Sharp eye for details
» Intellectually curious

Code 42
July 2018 - Current
Minneapolis, MN

I am a Senior Software Engineer, where I:

  • Researched and proposed an industry standard method of deploying static web
    assets, eliminating the need for expensive, redundant web server appliances
  • Proposed and developed a monorepo of private NPM packages using Lerna, which
    dramatically reduced the effort required to maintain a library of shared modules
  • Designed and built an internal documentation website, which provided instructions
    and syntax highlighted code samples for the NPM packages in the monorepo
  • Imagined a brand new user experience for the core product, developed a working
    prototype, and then proposed and demonstrated it to the Senior VP of Product and
    Development, resulting in my idea being added to the 2020 product roadmap
  • Built various web applications and UI components using React 16

SPS Commerce
May 2015 - June 2017 (2 yrs 2 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Senior Software Engineer, where I:

  • Researched, prototyped, formally proposed, and implemented a new set of frontend
    build tools that dramatically improved how apps are written, tested, and deployed
  • Provided leadership among teams by facilitating discussion during weekly meet ups
  • Published documentation, code samples, and example apps for the purposes of
    educating other engineers on how to successfully build internal applications
  • Built a command line utility (CLI) to scaffold new apps and upgrade existing apps
  • Implemented frontend code standards through ESLint rules, enforced during CI
  • Worked closely with design teams to architect and build Angular components
  • Mentored junior developers on code standards and other esoteric FE practices

May 2014 - March 2015 (11 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Senior Frontend Contractor, where I:

  • Built an Angular.js app that was embedded in e-commerce sites
  • Created reusable UI components that were implemented across products
  • Used Grunt and Gulp to package Javascript modules for distribution
  • Designed a process in which the products could be skinned using LESS
  • Participated in the interview process for incoming developers and directors

Jan 2014 - Feb 2014 (1 mo)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Frontend Contractor, where I:

  • Reverse-engineered a large ROI calculator built in Microsoft Excel
  • Recreated the ROI calculator app using Knockout.js, HTML5, and LESS
  • Implemented i18n to support English and Spanish, imperial and metric units

Dec 2013 (1 mo)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Frontend Contractor, where I:

  • Assisted with the quick production of Olson's own brand website
  • Used jQuery, SASS,, and Grunt to build a responsive site 
  • Wrote a page scraper in PHP for populating their job postings page
  • Provided novel solution to fitting content on devices with tiny screens

Baker Tilly
Aug 2013 - Oct 2013 (3 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Frontend Contractor, where I:

  • Built the frontend for Mosaic's "Efficient Fertilizer Use Guide" 
  • Used SMACSS for organization of styles and LESS as the CSS pre-processor
  • Used Grunt for live reload, concatenation, and minification

Apr 2013 - Jul 2013 (4 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Frontend Contractor, where I: 

  • Built the fullscreen image gallery website for Halcon Furniture
  • Consulted the Creative Director on limitations when building mobile websites 
  • Wrote jQuery plugins for custom carousels, dropdowns, and responsive utilities
  • Built a mobile-only website for Pork (never launched)

Nov 2012 - Feb 2013 (4 mos)
Bloomington, MN

I was a Lead Frontend Contractor, where I:

  • Lead two separate teams of developers during a short contract period 
  • Developed a responsive website for Dayton Truck Tires (Periscope MPLS) 
  • Built a data visualization app using a custom MVC framework (360i ATL) 
  • Both projects were completed on time to great satisfaction of the clients

May 2012 - Nov 2012 (7 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Senior Developer, where I:

  • Established an Agile workflow process for the development team
  • Developed a deployment process similar in usability to Capistrano
  • Built a responsive website for Firebrand's own marketing brand

Jul 2010 - Nov 2012 (1 yr 10 mos)
Bloomington, MN

I was an Full Stack Web Developer, where I:

  • Consistently lead small teams to develop successful projects
  • Interfaced with clients to determine project requirements
  • Wrote scope of work, test plan, and deployment documents
  • Ballparked and fully scoped accurate project timeline estimates
  • Created formal JS standards as a part of the Javascript Committee
  • Built Nikon Coolpix Zoom using Microsoft Seadragon (MRM Worldwide NY)
  • Built Famous Dave's "Brand Box" using PHP, JS, and Photoshop API hooks
  • Built mission-critical app for Norton Stuff Theatre live event (Leo Burnett CHI)
  • Built Target "Sample Spot", an ADA 508 compliant app (Olson MPLS)

May 2002 - Jul 2010 (8 yrs 6 mos)
Minneapolis, MN

I was a Full Stack Web Developer, where I: 

  • Developed a custom WYSIWYG CMS to drive client sites
  • Built 80+ client websites and numerous application interfaces
  • Connected to third-party API's: SSO, payment gateways, shipping quotes
  • Used jQuery to build flash-like features that were SEO friendly
  • Used Photoshop for design production and slice+dice into HTML/CSS
  • Installed and customized WordPress and vBulletin for clients

IBM: Customer Solution Center
Dec 1999, Dec 2000 (6 mos)
Rochester, MN

I was a Manufacturing Temp, where I: 

  • Designed and built the RCSC website to corporate IBM standards
  • Built two inventory tracking applications to generate time-saving reports
  • Received an IBM Achievement Award for productivity outside of my job duties
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